The Verde River Exchange

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In 2016, Friends of Verde River Greenway and a diverse group of partners came together to launch the “Verde River Exchange,” a Water Offset Program. The program, the first of its kind in Arizona, is aimed at protecting Verde River flows and promoting sustainable economic development, all through collaboration and cooperation among non-profits, businesses, and residents.

“If nothing is done, there is the potential for water levels and river flows to continue to decline. But we as a community have the potential to shift this outcome, preserving a flowing river and protecting water supplies, while promoting sustainable economic development.”

-Jocelyn Gibbon, Freshwater Policy Consulting

Why we need a Verde River Exchange water pic
The Exchange was created in response to one of the most vexing of Arizona’s long-term water challenges: the impacts of groundwater pumping on the long-term health of rivers and streams—not to mention the security of future water supplies and the economic sustainability of Arizona’s groundwater-dependent rural areas.

How The Exchange Works

The Verde River Exchange provides a market-driven vehicle for current and potential water users to balance the impacts of groundwater use on the Verde River. The Exchange reduces the amount of water removed from the Verde River and connected groundwater systems through an “offset” mechanism involving “Sellers” and “Buyers.” Each Water Offset Credit is tracked in the Exchange’s internal registry to ensure that the benefits associated with the Credit are attributed only to one unique Buyer.


IMG_45612016 Advisory Council
Steve Ayers

Nikki Bagley

Linda Buchanan

Dan Campbel

Peter Culp

Chip Norton

Steve Olson

Kim Schonek

Doug Von Gausig

Laura Jones

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