Friends of Verde River Greenway began as a volunteer organization, so volunteerism is at the heart of everything we do. Our volunteers participate in a variety of volunteer events including: trail building, invasive plant removal, community outreach and database management. If yTuzi_clean-upou are interested in participating in an FVRG volunteer event, please complete the volunteer sign up form, visit our event calendar or call us at (928) 451-6860. Thank you for your participation and support.




Volunteer Spotlight

Martin Ball

Martin Ball Have you ever met someone with an energy level you can’t imagine keeping pace with—maybe a child with boundless enthusiasm? In this case, that someone is a grown man with the enthusiasm and energy of several people put together.

At most FVRG volunteer events you can pick Martin out of the crowd. You could say it’s his lanky frame or his floppy hat. But truly it’s because he’s the first to arrive, tools in hand with a sharp eye for spotting the Giant Reed or Tamarisk trees to be tackled that day.

From the beginning Martin has been an FVRG volunteer. He has worked tirelessly on public and private lands, helping to reduce invasive vegetation within the riparian corridor.  Usually, when the rest of the volunteers are ready to head home, Martin is still pointing out the next Arundo bunch to be tackled!


Volunteer Photo Gallery